How do tears turn into art?

By Macsylver on Friday 3 February 2017 19:41 - Comments (0)
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In the previous two blogs I gave a glimpse of what Micrograph Stories is partly about. Before I continue writing about previous and upcoming project details, ideas and future plans, I want to share this TEDx talk. A talk about my project Micrograph Stories & Imaginarium of Tears.

A TED talk at TEDxAmsterdam about Imaginarium of Tears. "How do tears turn in to art?"

With this blogpost, I hope to give you a bit more basic insights on who I'm and how Micrograph Stories and Imaginarium of Tears evolved to what it's today.

Volgende: “Crystals that will ease your pain!” 08-02 “Crystals that will ease your pain!”
Volgende: Micrography and the online drug trade. 24-01 Micrography and the online drug trade.


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